About fma


In the spring of 2009, fma was founded in Belgium by Geert Debruyne. By that time, Geert had already gathered 4 years of auditing experience at Arthur Andersen and 8 years as CFO of a large Belgian media agency. The company that Geert built up in a short time is based on 4 strong principles: objectivity, integrity, confidentiality and professionalism. These values are sacred for everyone who works at fma.

In 2014, fma was rebranded and given the tagline ‘forging alliances’. These two powerful words fully underline the DNA of the company: fma continuously works on forging alliances between business partners. fma wants to build and strengthen bridges, not break or destroy them!

The structure in the Netherlands was embedded at the start of 2015, with the establishment of fma Nederland under the management of Henk Plessius. Henk also has a background in auditing. He gained over 4 years’ audit experience at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and was subsequently CFO of one of the Netherlands’ biggest media agencies for almost 15 years.

Together, Geert and Henk are a strong duo! They always put the customer first, focus on content, and have a shared vision and values. This makes fma a strong partner for many customers.

In 2018, Paul Lempers joined them to start fma Digital. Based on his 28 years of experience as Marketing director in blue chip companies, he launches the Digital Performance Audits. In 2023, Damien Nicolas (20 years as digital lead in agencies) comes to support him to lead fma Digital Belgium and launch the Integrated Digital Pitch support for advertisers.

The team




CEO fma Belgium


Paul Lempers

CEO fma Digital



CEO fma The Netherlands


Damien nicolas

CEO fma Digital Belgium


Eline Criel

Audit manager


Nilüfer Mutlu

fma Türkiye


Fma’s vision is very clear

“fma strives to strengthen the alliance between advertisers and agencies by delivering solutions and so creating transparency, clarity and mutual trust”

Why choose fma?

  • fma focuses on digital

    At fma, digital takes the centre stage. Our reports do not put the main focus on offline media. Search, social, display, programmatic and now even A.I. and block chain: as a customer you will find all the specialists you need at fma.

  • fma carries out very thorough and detailed assessments

    We will not send you a PowerPoint presentation that only reports the results, but you can expect an extensive report that serves as a reference for the whole marketing team.

  • fma works on solutions, not on making problems bigger

    After an assessment, you as an advertiser will have answers to your questions, and you will know what is necessary to strengthen the ties with your agency.

  • fma has inhouse experience in financial, digital and marcom

    At fma, there are no juniors or inexperienced analysts who are get their on-the-job-training with the advertiser or agency. Only specialists are good enough to help our customers!