Digital Performance Audit

These days, all advertisers have the same thing on their mind: digital! How can we know and measure whether a digital campaign is working well? Should I pour more money into digital or less? Is Search useful, or does Social make the difference? What about Programmatic Buying? It seems that nothing is transparent, right? And does digital work for my business? How do I improve and integrate our digital media activities? These and many other questions have become part and parcel of fma’s work nowadays. Therefore, it is an absolute necessity for marketing staff to not only thoroughly analyse various digital elements but also to know their concrete results. As a marketer, you can only get approval for your budgets if you present clear, unambiguous and complete analyses, and clear advantages.


With the DPA (Digital Performance Audit), fma is one of the few players in the market with the knowledge and skill to help advertisers make the right choices.

An fma DPA identifies problems and, after a thorough audit that leaves no stone unturned, we help to transform the observations into concrete actions.

We are persistent, because while you can shut your eyes or pretend you haven’t heard, one thing is overtly clear: marketing and media are going fully digital! So, digital has to be fully integrated into the business operation and not be done separately.

Since this digital transformation is not going to take forever, it is good business sense to update your knowledge, skills and control now. To be specific, we carry out a DPA on the basis of 650 criteria (!). Our approach has more than proven its worth for many of our customers.

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The digital performance audit focuses on the following cornerstones of the digital marketing strategy: