Financial Assessment

The financial assessment provides answers to all transparency problems that advertisers face. These transparency problems result from outsourcing various tasks to an external agency. Not only will the financial cash flows with their various discounts be fully analysed, but the work processes, the overall performance of the agency, compliance with the current contract as well as a clear profitability analysis (what does the agency earn from me as a customer?) will also be included in the audit.

Digital Performance Audit

These days, all advertisers have the same thing on their mind: digital! How can we know and measure whether a digital campaign is working well? Should I pour more money into digital or less?

Media pitch & integrated digital pitch counseling​

In recent years, fma has become the benchmark for objective, thorough and clear advice regarding media and marketing in Belgium and the Netherlands. Small, medium-sized and large advertisers regularly call on one of fma’s specialists to answer fundamental questions and set the wheels of long-term projects in motion.