Damien Nicolas to head up fma Digital Belgium

Belgian-Dutch media audit specialist fma has established a separatee Belgian branch to house its digital audits and consultancy services.  Until now, these services were provided from the Netherlands. fma Digital Belgium is led by Damien Nicolas, an experienced player in the Belgian media agency landscape.

With the establishment of fma Digital Belgium, fma is taking the next step in its development. Until recently, the digital services were handled from the Netherlands under the leadership of Paul Lempers, whose company was integrated by fma Dutch department in 2017. Since its inception, fma Digital audit has been reviewing the performance of digital media campaigns and so has been very successful these last few years. This is why a Belgian branch is founded.

fma Digital Belgium is led by Damien Nicolas (43), who has a proven track record in the Belgian media agency landscape. He earned his stripes at GroupM and Publicis, among others, before becoming Managing Director at the media branch of Serviceplan.

Geert Debruyne, founder of fma: “Damien is an absolute winner who will help us to jumpstart the next phase of fma’s development. Paul has done an excellent job in recent years and can now fully focus on the Dutch market, while Damien takes over all Belgian tasks and customers and can work on the further development of our Belgian efforts.”

In line with fma’s well-known philosophy, fma Digital Belgium will only work for advertisers and will audit and assess their digital media completely independently.  Damien Nicolas will also assist advertisers with their pitch and, focusing on digital agencies.

Damien Nicolas, CEO of fma Digital Belgium: “I am very honoured to join a company like fma with such a strong reputation on the market and a unique proposition.  I can fully focus on the digital, including digital pitching.  There is still a lot of optimization potential for advertisers and it is fantastic that I can contribute my media experience of more than 20 years here.”

fma has always remained discreet about its client portfolio in both Belgium and the Netherlands. They include large advertisers, but also smaller, promising brands who rely on fma’s unique skillset.