Looking for a new digital agency? fma launches integrated digital pitch

More and more advertisers are looking for an integrated digital agency that handles not only creation and production, but also technology and media. fma Digital is responding to this demand by guiding advertisers through the complex process of pitching.

We see advertisers requiring an ever wider range of digital services. But success depends essentially on how well these services complement each other and work together. More and more advertisers are therefore looking for a single digital partner capable of offering all or some of these services.

These services are:

  • Integrated digital strategy: consideration of content, objectives, communication journey, use of data and KPIs.
  • Production of videos for social networks, e-mailing or display.
  • Acquisition and optimization of paid media such as SEA, social media, and programmatic.
  • Platform production (sites, bots, landing pages).
  • Inhousing of MarTech such as CRM, Web Analytics and DSP for programmatic media.

In concrete terms, fma Digital is involved in drawing up the pitch’s “long list”, which is an initial selection of potential partners who appear to be best placed to meet your digital needs in terms of creation, production, media, and technology.

It is then up to the agencies to take part in the chemistry meeting, followed by the RFP (final offer including an exercise), with the other agencies selected for the short list. Throughout the process, fma Digital will help organize, analyse and advise you within a strict framework, with a view to keeping you as informed as possible so that you can judge, evaluate and make your decision with full knowledge of the facts.

fma Digital is well placed to guide this process. With almost 15 years’ experience, it is the market leader in media pitching. In addition, the management team of Geert Debruyne, Paul Lempers and Damien Nicolas has solid expertise in digital marketing, media, data, and content. Finally, over the last few months, fma Digital has developed in-depth knowledge and privileged contacts with the 30 largest digital agencies in Belgium. This database is of great value to advertisers and forms the basis of the “long list” prepared for each advertiser separately.

“After the creation of fma Digital, the addition of this pitch management skill was the next step in the development of the fma group” explains Damien Nicolas.

“Since its creation, fma has gained a very high level of quality in financial media analysis, pitch management, digital performance analysis, and MarTech,” adds Geert Debruyne, founder of the fma group. “It was time to bring everything together to provide advertisers with the best possible support in their search for an integrated digital agency. For advertisers, it’s a perfect complement to our consulting and digital audit services.”

For more information, please contact Damien Nicolas.