Digital Ad Trust

Dear advertiser,

Today, the Digital Ad Trust (DAT) was officially launched in Belgium ( This is an initiative of UBA and WE MEDIA where Belgian websites are awarded a label if they comply with strict rules on ‘brand safety’, ‘viewability’, ‘ad fraud’, ‘user experience’ and ‘data protection’. It is a milestone in the fight for safer and more transparent online environments where you, as advertisers, can deliver your advertising message with greater peace of mind.

We at fma are proud to be part of this important change! WE MEDIA and UBA asked fma Digital to perform the label’s feasibility study and then appointed us as an independent auditor. We have a crucial role to play in verifying that the different sites meet the 5 criteria and therefore whether or not they deserve the label. For us at fma, this confirms our decision to put even more strategic focus on digital media. We are delighted the market is increasingly acknowledging our expertise!

fma has been around for more than 10 years now and in addition to being an indispensable critical media auditor, we are also the only neutral local player who dares to question the results of your digital investments. More than ever, we are going down this path, dear advertiser. Both during our financial media audits and during the pitch coaching and the implementation of our KPI model or the deployment of an interim media specialist. Time and time again, we create the clear and very pragmatic added value that you have grown to appreciate.

But today we just want to proud and hopefully you will share our feeling…

Thank you for your unfailing support!

Digital Ad Trust Belgium