fma introduces the media performance manager

Today’s high demand for media performance managers in many companies and the declining focus on professional media in some other companies, combined with increasing complexity, has inspired fma to create a pool of MPMs (Media Performance Managers) you can call on, entirely according to your own needs.

“MPM”, you say? How does that work?
First and foremost, in line with fma’s DNA: MPMs are
totally independent, and their primary objective is to provide you with transparency and media insights! MPMs do not work for agencies and their assistance serves only one purpose: yours, dear advertiser! No conflict of interests, no double mandates: not with controllers, agencies or anyone else! No, only the advertiser’s interests are considered, which means that, in terms of content, we can speak the truth, more than anyone else. This ensures that we provide transparency—and we are not afraid to state it!

How will the media performance manager be able to help you as a marketer?

We have defined various focus areas for the MPMs: digital, pitch transition, media management, training & coaching, data, KPIs & dashboarding.

Based on these focus areas, different roles have been created for different MPMs.
Each MPM has their own specialty, based on their experience and additional specific training, ensuring they can perform their role at the highest possible level and so delivering the best possible quality for you as an advertiser!
Of course, roles will develop or be added and it is not the intention to describe everything in detail here, but to explain the concept using a few examples. Today, the following positions, among others, have been filled and are already active at fma:
-> MPM
as an internal media person: with a lot of experience, both with agencies and with customers. These fma people take on some or all of advertisers’ internal media tasks. As a customer, you can use an MPM in your marketing or communication department for everything linked to media: projects, but also day-to-day tasks, as long as they are media-related. They can be brought in as a replacement or as a supplement, either full-time or part-time, and either sporadically or continuously.

-> MPM as a digital trainer: this is a specialist in providing digital training or supporting the digital transition story within a company, which can be a simple training programme or a complex, detailed and specific one.

-> MPM as transition manager: a specialised MPM ensures the perfect transition after a media pitch. He or she acts as a project manager and not only relies on their experience but also on documents and tools to ensure a smooth transition in all respects. As a result, there is no chance of your pitch turning into a nightmare.

-> Contract manager: based on their specific experience, these MPMs will ensure the correct formulation, set-up and follow-up of your contractual agreements. They do not cover legal aspects, but rather specific media aspects, which is where we often notice a lack of knowledge among advertisers.

At present, other roles have also been defined, within the listed focus areas, but it is clear that these must constantly evolve. This is precisely what distinguishes fma: flexibility. Whatever your needs, we’ll find a solution for you, the advertiser!

Please note that the MPMs do not perform (digital or financial) audits. A financial media audit analyses a specific period with an emphasis on the financial aspects, while the fma digital performance audit (dpa) focuses entirely on the results and optimisation of your digital media choices. MPMs, on the other hand, are really media specialists and advisers, who tackle all kinds of media problems in a broader and ad hoc manner. They are intended to be your trusted media adviser without you becoming dependent on them! That is also important, dear advertiser: you maintain control over your needs, approach and costs. Different invoicing schemes are available, over a shorter or longer period of time—it is entirely your decision. In this, as you are already aware, fma meets your specific needs!

fma has been around for more than 10 years now and the experience gained, in combination with recent developments and your needs that we have observed, have led to this diversification. More than ever, we are going to live up to our tagline “forging alliances”! We stand for true independence, neutrality and transparency in everything we say and do. With this initiative, we are emphasising these principles even more than before. Moreover, we have to stand up for the media industry as a whole and the media profession in particular. Not only because it involves a lot of money, but also to give “media as such” tangible added value in the new ecosystems. We are already very enthusiastic about the first results of the current media performance managers—as are some of your fellow advertisers, dear reader!

We will regularly keep you informed about the new roles and major developments. If you have any questions at this stage, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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