Top 10 media-tips 2022

End-of-year lists, they are like a virus… But since viruses have been an integral part of everyone’s life for a while now, we at fma are joining in on the end-of-year list mania.

Media-tips 2022

So, dear advertiser, here are your 10 media tips for a top media year 2022:

  1. Make sure your contract with the media agency is up to date. Things are moving so quickly, not only in the digital field, that a contract that is more than two years old is absolutely out of the question.
  1. Pay attention to inventory media. We refer to an earlier fma blog but would like to emphasise once again that you lose objectivity around planning when opting for inventory media.
  1. Pitch only when necessary! It is an intensive process and there are alternatives. Do not make pitching a recurring process! If it must be done and a thorough analysis shows that there is no other way, then start well ahead of time and assume a lead time of 4 to 6 months.
  1. Demand transparency from all media partners! As we (hopefully) can all agree, everyone must earn a proper living…. and transparency is key when it comes to propriety!
  1. Buy local as much as you can! ( Yes, I’m sure the foreign (especially large) tech companies can prove that your ad worked for them. But the question is, what is the real impact if that ‘international’ piece is just one part of a comprehensive media plan? And above all, who made this evaluation? The same organisation you bought the ad from, you say? Well…
  1. Invest in data! This has become indispensable now that cookies are going to disappear, dear advertiser. Data is to your media plan what electricity is to an EV… and it’s what you need to invest in now! Map out your data clearly, listing who manages and who has control of it. Acquire/buy what you need, test its use in a number of campaigns and evaluate. Don’t be afraid to put some of your budget into further data development.
  1. Love media! Admit it, dear advertiser, it’s only media after all and it’s not fascinating…at least that’s what a lot of you think. This attitude is unfortunate, but understandable. Add to this the inherent complexity, and it’s not hard to see why few people are fans of media. So you need to get proper support and guidance, have checks performed and enter into discussions. Don’t be afraid to tackle media problems, as it will only increase your love for the profession!
  1. Focus more on media KPIs. You should use KPIs to evaluate your media investments as well. No, not only for everything related to digital, but also for other media. Set up smart business metrics with a clear link to media, rather than ‘vanity metrics’ (i.e. statistics that look spectacular on the surface but don’t necessarily translate to any meaningful business results, as defined by
  1. Avoid ‘flat’ advertising because it doesn’t work! Even with a top-notch media plan, flat advertising will underperform. Entertain for commercial gain, in the words of Orlando Wood. He researched creativity in campaigns and looked at what those campaigns triggered in our brains, and what they effectively delivered commercially. Read his book “How the Advertising Brain Turned Sour” in 2022, dear advertiser, and be sure to remember that “traditional creation styles clearly outperform others”. Do not innovate for the sake of innovation but put a creative twist on traditional materials.
  1. And finally: invest in your people… also in passionate media people, because believe us, dear advertiser, the best investment you can make in these times, with the highest guaranteed ROI, is in your people. None of the previous nine tips can or will succeed without the unconditional support of your employees. There are many ways to take care of them, so don’t forget to do it!

On behalf of fma Belgium, fma Digital and fma Netherlands, we wish you a happy end to 2021. Enjoy your cosy bubble and stay safe!